• “It is one matter for children not to know their genetic identity as a result of unintended circumstances. It is quite another matter to deliberately destroy children’s links to their biological parents, and especially for society to be complicit in this direction.”
    Margaret Somerville, Professor of Bioethics.

  • “I don’t think that a government or a clinic or a doctor has a right to withhold significant information from a person about that person. It seems to me the stuff of the KGB or a totalitarian state.”
    Barry Stevens in Anonymous Father’s Day, °1952 donor conceived

  • Beyond the basic right to life and the right not to be enslaved, I can not think of a more fundamental human right than the right to our own identity. Our identity should not literally be a corporate or a state secret. It must be considered our birthright.
    Albert Frantz in de Ted Talk: Identity Theft: How I discovered My Secret Identity

  • Een breder debat over afstamming is noodzakelijk;
    Anoniem donorschap is niet toelaatbaar. Kinderen hebben recht op trapsgewijze toegang tot afstammingsinformatie;
    Er is nood aan een onafhankelijke centrale organisatie voor bewaring, beheer, registratie van informatie van herkomst van het kind;
    Een goede begeleiding van alle actoren is van belang. 
    Advies van het kinderrechtencommisariaat, 23 februari 2015

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